We secure a large partenership with many vendors, services provider around the world, to better serve our clients on Data security, networking and monitoring solutions.
“Every project starts with a good survey, assuring a robust and reliable network infrastructure design before any implementation, our CRM solution keep updating customer about project progress from the beginning to handover.”
Kamal Harouli
Project Manager


We deploy leading cyber solutions to protect critical data from ransomware, malware and other malicious cyber-attacks.

Backup& Recovery

We implement and configure leading enterprise backup & recovery systems through AWS and on private cloud.

Virtualization& Cloud

We implement customer applications on private and virtual cloud, securing 24/7 access and monitoring to prevent any downtown.

Networks Monitoring

Network monitoring software provides real-time insights into network health, allowing you to identify and resolve network problems proactively. It also helps in capacity planning and optimizing network performance. By monitoring network devices, servers, and applications, you can enhance the security of your network by identifying and addressing potential threats.

Hardware maintenance

Server maintenance ensures smooth network operation by regularly updating software, checking security, and monitoring performance. Proactive maintenance helps prevent downtime, data loss, and identifies potential issues for cost-effective repairs, making it a vital component of network management strategies.

Cloud migration

Creating a layout of the existing data center setup provides a visual representation for planning and documentation purposes. This task ensures an accurate and detailed layout is created. What tools or software would you use for creating the layout? Are there any specific details or measurements to include? How would you address any challenges during this process?