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Long Distance Systems is dedicated to being the leading provider of communication services to communities around the globe. Our services connect worldwide communities spanning the Americas, Pacific Rim, Middle East, North Africa, Eastern, Central and Western Europe. We provide services through a flexible network of owned and leased facilities, operating and termination agreements, and resale arrangements.

Our technology assets include an extensive network of IP gateways, international gateways, domestic switches and softswitches. Calls are originated through our Calling Card partners and through Global Crossing in order to minimize the cost of delivering calls. Long Distance Systems owns and operates several softswitches in New York, Texas and Toronto. These switches, in conjunction with our least cost routing systems, provide the most efficient routing while maintaining our industry-leading call quality.

We also provide access numbers all around the globe with best quality and rates. As most famous calling card company in North America, GoldLine, has some of its access number with us for both most selling Long Distance Calling Cards, IDCaller and Dcall